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The PrimeTest 100 portable appliance tester is battery powered and handheld to allow for fast and efficient testing with clear PASS/FAIL indication and test result values. A simple range of tests are selected at the push of a button to test earthed equipment, double insulated equipment or mains cords and leads.

New updated 5th Edition products now include 250V insulation resistance test for testing sensitive and surge protected equipment along with a test for Class 2 FE equipment, a test for long leads and variable PASS/FAIL limits.

We have an excellent selection of PAT testing kits available. They are designed to help the way you work by creating efficiencies and help you get more from your PAT tester in the field. Our PAT testing kits are available with and without software so you can streamline your reporting process and provide a full and complete service to your customers.
The HAL Series combines over 50 years of expertise in ensuring the electrical safety of manufactured electrical products. These feature packed comprehensive safety testers offer outstanding levels of flexibility and functionality to dramatically improve the quality and productivity of production line safety testing and are ideal for any electrical and lighting manufacturer.
The Solar Survey series of irradiance meters are the perfect tools for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal installers to conduct comprehensive solar site surveys. With a solar reference cell to measure true irradiance, the Solar Survey provides greater accuracy of measurement data compared to meters which use a photo diode detector.
The Apollo 400+ features a comprehensive range of electrical safety tests with user configurable test sequences and has storage for up to 2,000 test records. Compatible with our Seaward PATGuard 3 software for record keeping and reporting. Now updated to fully comply with the 5th Edition Code of Practice.